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Cleanliness with Allocate Space

Making use of technology to manage your cleaning schedules

 Guests trust hotels to be clean. Post-COVID, they might want proof. With Singapore helping hotels to show proof with new audit and certification, we believe that Allocate Space could help. 

Cleaning Products

SG Clean Initiative

Organisations commits to sector-specific sanitation and hygiene checklists 

Assessment is done by independent organizations. For hotels, an SG Clean manager is appointed to oversee the following: 

  • Property’s practices

  • Temperature and health screening of employees

  • Engaging external suppliers and contractors 

  • Cleanliness and hygiene practices

  • Compliance with health and travel advisories

  • Government orders on COVID-19

How can Allocate Space help

With Allocate Space, users are able to create checklists for the following:

Facility walkthrough

Ensure that the work environment is fully covered and highlight the risks if the work areas are not properly handled.

Cleaning & equipment inspection

With a checklist, managers can ensure that all the tasks are completed properly on time.  in accordance to the requirements.

Other preventive maintenance task

Certify the list of what needs to be included in preventive maintenance tasks like adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, repairs, and parts replacements.

Simplify maintenance. Get started. 

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