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CapitaLand - Funan

Funan Mall is a 887,000-square-foot integrated shopping mall located right in the heart of the Civic District. The Funan Mall comprises a retail component, two office blocks and lyf Funan Singapore. Funan Mall offers a synergistic combination of retail, office and serviced residence components that is designed to appeal to savvy consumers pursuing quality of life in a socially-conscious and creative environment. 


With over 2000 equipment that requires regular maintenance in the building, it is difficult to manage every equipment through a non-centralized system of emails, phone calls and paper requests. This reduces the visibility of work status and makes coordinating work orders a challenge.

Electricity Repair Work


“I spoke to Allocate Space on the problems we are facing with regards to maintaining numerous assets in the building.” Felix said. “We knew we needed a system that helps to manage the assets and also the vendors who perform the maintenance work.”

Funan uses Allocate Space’s maintenance and asset management modules most frequently.

Making delegation simple

Once Allocate Space was implemented, Felix and his team could easily delegate work orders to appropriate service providers. Control of the system was a breeze, as all maintenance data could be accessed from a mobile device. Scheduled or ad-hoc tasks are easily managed and this ensured those tasks got done on time.

Tracking the assets

The assets are tagged which allows the maintenance team to understand which equipment is being serviced and technicians can scan the tag to look at the past service records of the equipment. 

Maintenance Tasks Streamlined 

Allocate Space’s ability to schedule preventive maintenance tasks to external vendors helped these Funan’s team members stay on top of regular maintenance tasks, helping to reduce manpower and time required to manage all the assets. Streamlining preventive maintenance tasks kept equipment in good working order for longer periods of time.

Maintenance made easy. Start yours today.


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