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Designed to simplify maintenance management

A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is crucial to ensure that work is correctly prioritized and that everything is in place to ensure smooth operations.

Our solution gives technicians the freedom to focus on the actual maintenance work instead of filling in unproductive paperwork. This will lead to extended lifespan of assets, improved organization of the maintenance team and processes, therefore reducing costs over time.


All-in-one dashboard

Ensure the oversight of scheduled work and control of the reports generated, thus accounting for the end-to-end workflow.

  • Evidence-based system to ensure work is done properly

  • Detailed insights into each operator’s activity

  • Save time for inspections

Less time filing reports

Trigger the smart photo reporting by scanning a tagged asset or facility in an integrated workflow.

  • Snap photos of ad-hoc repairs and maintenance work

  • Task lists that fit in your pocket, viewable anytime

  • Generate reports on the go

Reduce inefficiency, increase insights

Create, consolidate and manage maintenance reports. Easily retrieve reports for claims and present updates to your management.

  • Plan scheduled maintenance with ease and alert technicians to rectify problems

  • Maximize the value of infrastructure with built-in real-time analytics of consolidated data 

  • Make data-driven decisions




Assign work

Create scheduled work assignments and allocate them to the various maintenance teams in your crew.


Execute job

Maintenance teams executes the repair jobs, takes photo of the work done and enters work details in the app.


Easy reporting

Photos and work details are submitted as a report. Management is notified to view reports via the dashboard.

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Two-factor authentication ensures that only verified users can access the resources on the dashboard that they are authorized to.


Keep your technicians and staffs notified of any scheduled or ad-hoc work assigned to them. Automatically send out alerts and reports to various stakeholders daily, weekly or monthly.

Offline Sync

Working at a place where Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity is limited? Our mobile app enables you to continue working, saving data to your device and automatically syncing the updates once connectivity is restored.


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