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Automate your facilities

A vital aspect of a smart building is in how well it understands its occupants, who are utilizing its facilities and amenities.


By providing real-time information on space utilization and energy consumption to both the facility managers and occupants, the optimization of space and energy can be achieved without compromising the occupants’ user experience.

Manage your

car park

​Manage all parking lots in your building with real-time statuses of vehicle movement in every lot.


Allow visitors to book a parking lot in advance, reserve parking lots for specific occupants, and enable drivers to find their car via a mobile app or interactive directory.

Secure & maintain your facilities and assets

Track the usage of facilities and assets for the ease of maintenance.


Aggregate alerts from various sensors and smart devices, so that your maintenance team will be notified whenever an issue arises.


Know when maintenance work is done and retain work knowledge even when employees leave.

​Record & track your energy consumption

​Monitor the energy consumption of every facility in your smart building.


For shared facilities, you have the option to track the energy usage down to the user-level too.

Capitaland - Funan Parking

Smart car park reservation & security

As a long-term partner of Capitaland, our team is honored to be part of Funan’s 3-years redevelopment plan. Funan aims to bring innovative and experiential retail therapy to its mall visitors through the use of technology in every facility and amenity from basement to rooftop.


The Allocate Space platform brings the benefits of time-saving and convenience to both the drivers and Funan’s facility management.

Unlike conventional car parks, drivers to Funan are able to shorten the time they spend in the car park, looking for a parking lot and finding their car afterwards. With the digitalisation of parking lot reservation, visitors can have a peace of mind and book a lot in advance via the Capitastar mobile app.


This has also opened up a new revenue channel to property owners who can now earn a reservation fee on top of the usual parking fee while improving visitor experience.


Find out more about our other solutions.



Real time data . Green electrons

EV charging ports are the ‘petrol stations’ of the future. Sell electricity to EV owners as a new revenue channel. Couple this with solar power to provide a green alternative.

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