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Increase your operational efficiency

For larger groups or people who are planning to have longer stays, managed residences or serviced apartments is a hassle-free and cheaper option than hotels.


As a managed residences operator, leveraging on technology to streamline and automate your processes will be crucial to enhancing the overall guest experience and increasing operational efficiency.



Building maintenance encompasses many aspects, and keeping track of all ad-hoc and scheduled maintenance work can be time consuming.


With Allocate Space, property owners can oversee their facilities management team and assign tasks to specific personnels. Team members or tenants can also directly report a defect using the mobile app, resulting in a faster response to defect rectification.


As such, providing seamless building access control is now a basic need in co-working spaces, especially when the workers can be working at more than one co-working space in multiple countries.

Facility booking

& management

The key to sharing facilities or amenities is a robust booking system that enables tenants to get the best out of their premises as and when a shared facility is required.


Facility managers can pre-set the booking conditions and oversee booking availability. By monitoring and analyzing the usage of facilities over time, property owners will have better insights into how they can maximize the usage of their facilities.



A building with many facilities would have thrice as much assets, such as equipment, furniture, or any other physical object used by a facility. Therefore, it is a hassle to have to keep track of that many assets across multiple facilities without a system to aid you.


Allocate Space provides a location-based asset inventory that utilises either QR or RFID tags to track those assets. A comprehensive asset log records every asset’s condition, movement and maintenance done to it.


Relevant parties can also be notified via the mobile app, of any changes in the status of each asset.


Foster a


An in-app chat helps provide a tenant-to-facility manager touchpoint.


This is useful for not just gathering feedback, but also for promoting events and making announcements to your tenants.



Allow guests to reserve a parking lot prior to their stay or assign a parking lot to an invited visitor.


By automating the management of parking inventory, there will be less waiting time for drivers.



By allowing guests to check in and out remotely via their mobile device, property owners can save considerable labor costs in automating the access to the apartment and being notified of when to clean the apartment for the next guest.

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